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Our Goal is to be a flexible, cost effective partner for you in every step of the mortgage process, by allowing you to save money and focus on your expertise where it is needed most!


Loan Processing is arguably the most tedious, labor intensive, yet critical task in the mortgage industry.  The complexities of changing loan products and programs take the focus of your valuable time away from your area of expertise loan origination.


As an originator, increasing sales is the heart of your business, not pushing paper.  By outsourcing your processing, you can increase your internal productivity and efficiency, while reducing your costs and increasing profits.


Thank you for doing business with us!  "Your Processing Team" 

Steve Davidson

Start Contracting Out Some or All of Your Loan Processing Costs and Begin Saving on Your Overhead & Closing More Loans Today!

We Specialize in Loan Processing:

  • FNMA & FHLMC Conventional and High Balance Loans
  • FHA Purcases, Cash Out Refinances and Streamline Loans
  • VA Purchases, Cash Out Refinances and IRRRL's
  • FHA 203-K Loans
  • FNMA Home Style Rehabilitation Loans
  • USDA Loans
  • Jumbo and Non-QM Loans
  • First Time Homebuyer Programs and much More!

Contract Loan Processing

At Family Law Group, we represent men and women throughout the Lower Mainland in all family law matters, including divorce.

Your Short &

Long Term

Loan Processing Solution

Let us help you make more money by freeing up your office space for increased marketing and sales.   
  • No staffing costs to you, we incur the entire personnel cost.
  • No more staffing adjustments due to market changes.
  • Fast overload help when unexpected sick time and vacation periods occur. 
  • Our dedicated and courteous team will always act in a professional manner while processing your loans!


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